ICE WALK – Raising funds for Writers Room

Tough times call for tough decisions. We need to raise funds so we have set up a Just Giving page.

Paul, Lee and Roy have decided, Wim Hof style, to walk 5 miles in minus temperatures wearing just t-shirt, shorts (or Kilt) and shoes. We’ve now been joined by Martin Porter, Mark Thomas, Joel and Olly.

Writers Room, now in it’s seventh year has grown organically and bases it’s creative writing sessions on total freedom. The focus is on creativity, not on spelling or grammar. The focus is on the individual and their own unique creative vision. Above all, the focus is on quality. We are not a ‘turn up and get a sticker’ kind of group. The reason the children produce such magnificent work is because they are unconfined. We have many who are neurodiverse and they are often among the greatest achievers.

So please support what we do and keep the channels open for the realisation of that wonderful potential.

Thank You.

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