New Writers Room Song

Happy (The Bore off song) written by Group 1 of Writers Room

Am.                                                       E

When your hot chocolate burns your tongue – Bore OFF

When you see some wasps and you get stung – Bore OFF

When you want to play but your homework’s not done – Bore OFF

When somebody mean ruins your fun – Bore OFF

D                                                    A

Don’t feel sad, when life goes scrappy

D                                                            A

Just do the things that make you happy

G                                          D

Sing and write and draw and play

G                                          A

Let your smile light up the day

When your school dinner’s a load of slop – Bore OFF

When the light goes out and the reading stops – Bore OFF

When the holidays end, you have to go back to school – Bore OFF

When the lesson’s boring and so uncool – Bore OFF


Middle eight

A                                  E

Life’s not always easy

A                                  E

Sometimes it gets tough

A                                  E

But me and you as friends forever

A                         E

Then Life is good enough


Whoah oh oh oh – Bore Off!

Whoah oh oh oh – Bore Off!

Whoah oh oh oh – Bore Off!

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