Writing Prompts

A story with the following line in it.

… all along it had been my dad.


The Lie

A story or poem about a lie. A lie that you told or was told about you. A big lie that was so big nobody believed it was a lie because they thought it would be too obvious.

It could be a lie that went wrong or a white lie that saved someone’s blushes.

A lie you told to defend someone, and you had to face the consequences.

Poem with the viewpoint of a tree.

BULLIES write a poem or story.

I didn’t really know the girl, she seemed ok, but then most people do until you get to know them.  It wasn’t my fight but the way they treated her ignited something inside me that I could no longer ignore. I stood up, took a deep breath and…

GRANDMOTHERS write a poem or story.

I heard an echo of my grandmother’s voice, on the coat tails of my mother’s exasperated words. My dear, beautiful, wonderfully warm granny. I would swap all my days on earth just to bathe in the kindness of her radiant smile one more time. I thought I had lost her forever, but recently I felt the gentle glow of her presence. A hint, a whisper of encouragement or a brief glimpse of the wisdom she kept in the pocket of her pinny. I would follow it like it was an extension of my very own instinct.

I turned to my mum and said…

HEROES write a poem or story.

Litter write a poem or story

I wish that all the litter would simply blow away

Back into the pockets of those who let their rubbish stray


“Stop,” he shouted.

She froze.

“Take one more step and there’s no turning back. You know that, right?”

For years she had visualised this moment. Now it was here. She had always been so sure but now she was fizzing with competing emotions.

Two person Scene

Write a scene between two contrasting characters.

Character A is angry that Character B has done something wrong.

It could be about a murder, a theft, Bullying, embarrassment, treachery, envy, racism, sexism or blackmail.

Whatever you choose there must be conflict of some kind. There must be a reason why Character B has acted in such a way.

Character A and B could be a boy, girl, man or woman – it’s up to you.

Think about each character’s motivation.

Write the scene from the point of view of Character A.

Remember that even the bad guys see themselves as good – they are the heroes of their own lives.

Good luck.