Poets sing song for Santa

Children from Writers Room performed an original song ‘Dear Santa’ at the Winstanley Extravaganza in Saffron Walden Town square on Friday 1st Dec 2023.

Photos by Martin Porter

Dear Santa

Please let me see a Puffin dance

And teach my Dog to chat

Teach my teddy to do my chores

Turn my pig into an acro-bat

Santa I have been good all year

Wasn’t naughty and I did not steal

Now, Keep your side of the deal

I’m Singing this song for Santa

I promise I’ll behave

Singing this song for Santa

To have the best ever Christmas day

Teach my mum some cool street slang

Let my Parrot play the violin

Let my Dad join a famous boy band

And my Gerbil play the Mandolin



Dear Santa I’ve been really good this year, well most of the time.

I did trap my sister in the attic, and I did spill juice on my mum’s hallway rug

And I also added salt to my dad’s tea,

and I may have shot my teacher with a pen gun,

and I kicked a football through my neighbour’s window,

But I’ve been good and I’ll be better next year, I promise,

Thank you Santa.

Ps. Please swap Fred the schoool bully’s present for a pretty, pretty pink Barbie Doll

Chorus x2

Here’s the video of Three Little Birds dedicated to our Writers Room tutor, Alice. With the middle eight poem written and performed by Lily Thomas

Happiness spreads as you smile

Hope has been happening for a very long while

Give someone a hug

It may give them luck

We have to be kind

It comes back to you, you may find

And some superb poems performed on the night.

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