Young writer with mountains to climb

Lily Worboyes, a 12-year-old year old girl who attends Creative Walden’s writing group at Fairycroft House, is climbing mountains. After completing Mount Snowdon in 2022, she has set her sights on England’s tallest peak, Scafell Pike.  

A challenging neurological condition (Sensory Processing Disorder) means Lily experiences the world differently. She is under a constant barrage of sensory input with no effective filter. Sensory overloads can be painful and frightening. The biggest impact for Lily is that touch is often intolerable. Ordinary morning routines of washing, dressing and brushing hair are impossible for Lily. Most fabrics and styles of clothes are unbearable.

Lily is bright, sensitive, resilient, and creative. When Lily was 10, she joined The Writer’s Room at Fairycroft House. they work to promote creativity, instil confidence, and support the mental health of talented young people, many of whom have day-to-day challenges due to neurological or other conditions.

“This is not something Lily is doing because she no longer suffers from SPD, this is something she is doing despite it. To think that the same twelve-year-old that experiences pain whilst washing and dressing is now climbing physical mountains, is amazing and a true testament to her bravery,” said Tutor, Alice Bromell.

“As tutors we are beyond proud to have writers like her in our group,” said Paul Bellany who established the group alongside Lee Dorrington in 2017.

“My daughter Lily is unique and incredible.” Said Lily’s mother, Laura. “Recently the funding for the group was cut by 50% leaving the fantastic and dedicated organisers with no option but to scale back the groups’ activities. In response Lily and I will be climbing Scafell Pike. We are raising money for Writers Room, who have given so much support to us since Lily joined.”

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